1. Financial advisor business
Assist in resolving the listed company important criteria for the innovation plan:
To solve the listed company restructuring is not complete lead to horizontal competition and connected transaction too big to solve big shareholders occupy huge sum funds of listed company insolvency management such as acquisition, employees to buy shares and the equity incentive plan advisor: MBO, EBO, ESOP and equity incentive policy-making consultation, operation scheme design

2. The information disclosure and sponsor service consultant
In accordance with the securities and exchange relevant information disclosure rules, provide for the customer the periodic report and major issues announcement in a designated publication disclosure consultation on enterprise operation process involved in securities business consulting

3. The company management consultant:
The design of the corporate governance structure and operation rules recommend and assist enterprise evaluation, determine the independent directors shall be the board of directors and board of supervisors or independent directors required to provide special financial advisory services for directors, supervisors, and senior management personnel and other personnel training of corporate governance

4. Overseas listing services consultant:
To the enterprise overseas listing before the reorganization and restructuring to provide consultation and guidance the introduction of strategic investors to help the enterprises to make reasonable issue price the way.

5, online application, fast response
In addition to traditional counter application, customers can also through the XX bank web (WWW. * * * *. Com) to apply for a loan, exclusive account manager will be in 2 working days after the initiative to communicate with customers, to provide loans consulting, business deal with full service, etc.

Service adviser
Financial advisory
Let users more can use the platform made is closely
Along with the information and the development of science and technology, actively improve their professional level, provide higher efficiency of financial services.